jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

According to an article at contactmusic, Skandar Keynes gave Ben Barnes a fat lip while filming earlier this week. Ben said that it happened during the sword fighting that we reported on earlier in the week, while nursing his wounds from the battle. It’s not a major injury and he’s likely to be back at work on the film soon, if he isn’t already.
From contactmusic:
But while filming scenes with co-star Skandar Keynes earlier this week a sword stunt backfired – and Barnes had to receive treatment for an injury to his mouth.
He says, “We’ve been sword fighting. It didn’t go quite according to plan – I’ve got a slightly swollen lip, because I got popped with the sword by young Skandar Keynes.
Pobre Ben! Jajaj, Skandar le pegó en la escena que nosotras ahora estamos apreciando en youtube. Jajaj. Se imaginan a Skandar con el labio roto? ahahh cuando filmó Prince Caspian le pasó eso. jaja pobresito tenía todo el labio inflamado. jaja . Esta vez le tocó a Ben. aha

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